Rocket launch

3-2-1....Blast Off!

Do not miss this fun & unique event where you get to put your astronaut skills to the test

What: Rocket Launch
When: Sunday March 17th, 2019, at 3:30 pm
Where: George Bush Park (Download detailed Map below)
What to Bring: Your pack t-shirt (no uniforms today) your Built Rocket, Engines, safety goggles, folding chairs, water/snack.

You build' em, we fly 'em. Bring your rockets, motors and detonators (yes we're playing with controlled explosives) and see who can fly the highest...or gets caught in a tree first. See this brief video from the 2013 launch:

We encourage parents who are comfortable doing so to purchase a rocket and assemble it with their Scout.  It is a great bonding opportunity and exposes your Scout to a number of skills so often overlooked in today’s high-tech digital environment.  

For the new scout, we recommend to purchase a “ready to fly’ rocket - These are low cost items at roughly $20 -$30 for a set containing everything you need.  They can be found at Hobbytown on Hwy 6, or Michaels and Hobby Lobby.  We will have “launch pads” already setup for you to use, so no need to purchase one.

If you've never done this event before, Estes sells kits that you put together. The higher the level, the more complex assembly work you have to do. Estes rockets are grouped into four categories: RTF (Ready to Fly), ARF (Almost Ready to Fly), E2X (Easy to Assemble) and Skill Levels 1 through 5. We recommend RTF - E2X for your first attempt.

The other factor is the engine size (aka the explosive part) Make sure to use a smaller engine/ or the one recommended for the rocket. Picking one too powerful, though tempting, usually means the rocket will fly away and land too far to be recovered. You may also want to bring a few engines, as well as a basic kit (tape, glue, etc) so you can launch the same rocket more than once. Assemble your rockets a few days in advance so that the glue has time to dry. We will only do last minute repairs at the launch itself.

You will need to purchase Engines and Igniters for the rockets and parachute wadding.  The Pack will have some engines available for purchase at the event.  The engine required for the rocket you purchase will be listed on the package.Engines go from A6-4, to D12-4 for the big rockets.  Please stay with the A and B sized engines, as recommended on the box for your rocket. Anything bigger can cause the rocket to be lost or present a danger to the kids by floating across the road. Feel free to bring some friends.  Let's have a great time.

Download the files below for more information on Estes Rockets

Rocket Launch

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