First Den Meeting

Post date: Oct 7, 2014 12:46:52 AM

What a gorgeous day it was for a meeting at the park! 6 of our Tigers were able to meet for the first den meeting of the year. We completed most of the requirements for the Bobcat Badge, and created a scrapbook and talked about doing chores at home for Achievement 1.

If you missed the meeting, I have supplies for the binder, which I can give to you at the next pack meeting, however you will have to complete the Bobcat Requirements at home. All the details are in the Tiger Handbook. Scouts have to learn the law of the pack, the promise, the salute, the handshake, the motto, and their meanings. It sounds like a lot, but it will soon become second nature, and all the answers are in the Handbook.

Also for all tigers, don't forget to do requirement 8 (safety discussion) with your Akela. The details are also in the handbook.

Once you complete your requirements/achievements, you need to enter them in scout so that your scout can get his badge/belt loop/bead at the next pack meeting. I've made a short video explaining how to do that. You can view it on the Good Turn page, or clicking on this link

See you at the cub mobile race!