The whole family and siblings are invited to come along.


The Pack will have a camp opening ceremony, a pack-wide activity and a campfire event on Saturday night with skits, songs, cheers and s'mores.

There will be free time for den activities, adventure completion, or just to enjoy the park amenities like fishing, biking and geocaching.


You may bring fishing gear and bicycles (with helmets) NO PETS.

Families are responsible for bringing their personal gear and tent, and should coordinate with their den for cooking/meals.

TURN IN COPIES OF YOUR Medical forms (Parts A&B only), Youth Protection Certificates, copies of your insurance cards TO YOUR DEN LEADER PRIOR to the campout.

We generally cook Saturday night dinner and Sunday breakfast together. After the campout we ask that anyone who stayed the night and enjoyed the meals share in the cost of the groceries. A reminder is sent after the event is over and cost is usually $10-$20 per person.

Form info:

District: Mustang

Unit: Pack 1040

Unit Leader:Dennis Boriski

All adults attending must have completed Youth Protection Training in the past 2 years. The link takes you to our district information page, the training is taken in your account.

All participants must have a medical form filled out and submitted to the pack. This includes siblings and parents.

This is a basic run down of what a family might need on a pack campout and what to expect on the campout. The leadership information at the end of the video and some of the folks names in the video have since moved onto the BSA youth scouts. But the camping information remains relevant. You can always email for more information.