Webelos Activity Badges

Webelos Activity Badges

There are two markings that show the required Pins for the Webelos Badge and for the Arrow of Light. The markings are as follows:

* = Required for Webelos Badge ** = Required for Arrow of Light

The twenty Activity Badges are divided into five groups of four activities each.The Groups and Activities are as follows:

Mental Skills Group

  • Artist

  • Scholar

  • Showman

  • Traveler

Community Group

  • Citizen (*)

  • Communicator

  • Family Member

  • Readyman (**)

Technology Group

  • Craftsman

  • Engineer

  • Handyman

  • Scientist

Outdoor Group

  • Forester

  • Geologist

  • Naturalist

  • Outdoorsman (**)


Be sure to sign off on each elective in the handbook and enter it in scouttrack before the next pack meeting so your scout can get proper recognition.