How to make Payments to the Pack for Dues and Activities
  1. VENMO (preferred) – Venmo username is @PayPack1040 - simply create a Venmo account by installing the mobile app and completing a few very easy steps (details here), then add @PayPack1040 as a friend and send in funds.
  2. ZELLE – Zelle email address of record is - simply log in to any bank account that is connected to Zelle, register in a few easy steps, then add the Pack as a Recipient/Payee using, then click Send Money.
  3. Google Pay – Google Pay email of record is - simply open your Gmail email inbox and compose a new email to and hit the “Attach” paperclip icon, select “Send Money” and specify the amount and the description to include scout name and the item you are paying, i.e. Spring Campout, Dues, etc.
  4. Check – checks are accepted, but please be advised that checks are aggregated for a period of time before being deposited.  As such, your check could go uncashed for a while.  The Pack will not be held responsible for any returned check charges, and will respectfully request that you cover the cost of any fees incurred by our bank as a result.
  5. Cash – If cash is given to anyone other than the Pack Treasurer, it is done at your own risk.  When providing cash to anyone other than the Treasurer, please send an email to specifying the amount of cash given and to whom, and what it is for, along with scout name and parent name.


On any payment method be sure to include a note that indicates the Scout’s name(s) and the item you are paying, i.e. Spring Campout, Dues, etc.

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