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Build Day Details

posted Jan 14, 2019, 11:09 AM by Pack Webmaster   [ updated Jan 14, 2019, 12:12 PM ]
1. It will be 11AM to 3PM on Saturday the 19th. You can come at any time between this time
2. We live in a gated community, I need to know the driver’s name by Thursday night so not to confuse the guards. If you are thinking of coming and end up not showing up, this is OK, just please give me your name.
3. Come in at the main gate at Lakes of Parkway and Briar Forest, do NOT follow your app! Since I live in the very back it will try to send you to a gate you cannot enter in. Email STU for address
4. What I have will be 1-2 table power Jigsaws, Routers, Power Sanders, Power drills and other small power tools. ONLY THE ADULTS CAN USE POWER TOOLS! I do have manual drill, coping saws, sanding blocks and I suggest if you have interest let the scout use these as much as possible, but no pocket knives unless you are a Bear and above and earned the whittling chip.
5. If you need assistance, I can help, and I hope to have my friend who is a retired wood shop teacher there and practice wood and more kits if necessary. If you need us to do the cutting, no problem.
6. If you have safety glasses, please bring them as I only have a small quantity. At all times, during power or hand tool using you MUST wear safety glasses!
7. I am not planning any painting areas, please plan this yourself. If for some reason you must install the wheels here and paint, please get Krylon spray paint as its dries very fast.
8. I hope to get to Grace school this week to get the weight scale and measuring box, so you can add weights and test to get close. When you finish you can make minor adjustment on Friday night before the build day or go to any post office, the weight machine is 24/7